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The Gyrocopter Experience - York

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The Gyrocopter Experience York is currently closed for flying due to Covid-19.


Fly around the stunning Yorkshire countryside in a Gyrocopter. The Gyrocopter Experience York is a full time Gyrocopter Flying School based on the outskirts of the beautiful city of York, next to the village of Rufforth offering Introductory Flights, Pilot Training, Pilot Development Course and Instructor Training Courses. The school is normally open to the public six days a week (Monday to Saturday) and you are welcome to come and see the Gyrocopters and have a chat although be aware that we are currently limiting visitor numbers in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. As well as about 15 modern Gyrocopters, we also have a Gyrocopter Museum, a Gyrocopter Cinema, a Gyrocopter Simulator and a Gyrocopter Shop.

Your first flight in a Gyrocopter

All our Introductory Lessons and Experience Flights are usually flown on a Saturday, when the "Gyroport" becomes a hive of activity. If you are coming for a flight - you may bring friends / family with you but we are liimiting numbers in the hangar to maintain social distancing so we ask you to bring no more than two people with you at this time. Flights must be pre-booked to ensure we have the correct aircraft and instructors available. Please note that due to high levels of demand caused by the backlog due to Covid-19 we are no longer selling vouchers for THIS LOCATION.

Train to be a Gyrocopter Pilot

Gyrocopter Pilot Training is normally offered as intensive 5 day courses, Monday through Friday. Typically we have two students per instructor and up to three instructors working at one time.

Train to be a Gyrocopter Instructor

The Gyrocopter Instructor Academy, run by Senior Examiner Phil Harwood, is also based at York, where more than 60% of all the instructors training in the UK did their instructor training.

It's Head Office of The Gyrocopter Experience

The Gyrocopter Experience Head Office is also contained within the premises run by our boss, Kati.

Your Introductory Flight

At present, due to the current levels of demand and the backlog from Covid-19 we are no longer offering Experience Flights at this location UNLESS you already have a Gyrocopter Experience voucher. We are not selling vouchers or gift packs for YORK at this time. Experience flights and vouchers are available at ALL OTHER LOCATIONS.

Meet the Staff

When you visit the Gyrocopter Experience York, you will meet a number of friendly people:

Phil Harwood

Phil is the chap who features in the video "Top Gear for Gyroplanes". He is a Senior Gyrocopter Examiner. He has experienced many different forms of flying over the years, learning first to fly gliders, then fixed wing aircraft and helicopters before taking up gyro flying. As far as Phil is concerned gyros are definitely best of the lot! He has flown more than 5500 hours in both open-cockpit and enclosed cockpit gyros. Phil is passionate about standardisation of training and has written a number of books on gyro training. Much of his time is now spent teaching new Gyrocopter Instructors and consulting on Gyrocopter training and regulation around the world.

Kati Hedger

Kati is Event Coordinator for The Gyrocopter Experience in York and runs things on the ground. If you want to make a booking or ask a question, then please do give Kati a ring and she will do her best to help. Kati is also a qualified pilot and in early July 2008 was proud to become the 3rd girl to qualify for a PPL(G) in the UK. Kati loves gyro flying and is delighted to now be able to fly one for herself, her gyrocopter grin is never far from her face!