The Gyrocopter Experience

The Gyrocopter Experience

The Gyrocopter Experience is a network of Gyro Flying Schools in the UK. We have one ambition:

To get as many people as possible to experience the thrill of flying in a Gyrocopter.

Many of the Instructors trade as a Gyrocopter Experience outlet, others trade under their own name but may be associated with us. All of the Instructors in the UK are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and train according to the same approved syllabus. Each Flying School operates as an independent business.

Although The Gyrocopter Experience currently promotes Gyrocopter flying primarily in the UK, we do have interest and contacts worldwide.

The Gyrocopter Revolution

In our opinion, the Gyrocopter industry is going through a revolution, this has been a direct result of the introduction of factory built Gyrocopters, fully approved by the CAA. Until recently, the only way that you could legally fly a Gyrocopter in the UK was to build one, this severely limited the number of people who could fly - not many of us have the time or the ability to spend hundreds of hours building a machine. This has now changed.

What does this mean? It means that the type of person who is able to fly Gyrocopters has changed and those people who just want to train, buy a machine and fly, are now able to do so. This brings the Gyrocopter Industry in line with the Microlight and Light Aviation Industries.

The Gyrocopter Experience wants to let everyone know about the Gyrocopter Revolution. Although Gyrocopters have been around since the 1930's, the revolution essentially makes Gyrocopters the "new kid on the block" in sport aviation. Let's tell everyone about it - let's shout it from the skies. It's new and it's really exciting.

The Aims of The Gyrocopter Experience

As the Gyrocopter Industry is the fastest growing form of sport aviation, the Gyrocopter Experience is encouraging people to become Gyrocopter Instructors and build a Gyrocopter training business to cope with the rapid increase in demand. This not only involves guiding potential Instructors through their training but also provides support in the business aspect of running a flying school: There is a whole lot more to sustaining a Flying School business than knowing how to fly! To this end, the Gyrocopter Experience offer a franchise package to simplify the setup and running of a Gyrocopter Flying School. For a roadmap of how to achieve this, click the link below. You must have registed on this site to activate this link.

More Facts Training to be a Gyrocopter Instructor

The Gyrocopter Instructor Academy

The Gyrocopter Instructor Academy operates from the UK's only Gyroport at Rufforth Airfield, near York. The Gyrocopter Industry is in its infancy compared with other forms of aviation and one of the consequences of this is a lack of training material and standardisation of training between instructors.? The Gyrocopter Instructor Academy is dedicated to providing training material which is designed primaily for teaching pilots to fly the new generation of Gyros.? The Gyrocopter Academy, working closely with the Chief Flying Examiner (Gyroplanes) is set up to be a "training ground" for new Gyro instructors in the UK.

The Gyrocopter Company UK Ltd

The Gyrocopter Experience and The Gyrocopter Instructor Academy are trading names of The Gyrocopter Company UK Ltd.