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Date : 24 11 2016 Name : Lee Wiltshire Topic : Flying: Algarve
It was meant to be - as my fiancee and I were driving into Lagos for a day's exploring I spotted a Gyrocopter flying around and then saw the details for Kevin on the free map when we stopped for coffee at a cafe. We cut short our visit to Lagos, and instead Sarah enjoyed chatting to the pilots and students as Kevin took me up for over an hour in G-CIEJ. I have had flying in a gyrocopter in my bucket list for as long as I can remember, having already had several glider flights and starting a fixed-wing PPL many years ago which was curtailed by children arriving ahead of schedule!! I was not disappointed - after a quick safety brief we taxied to the runway and took off. The flight was fantastic, visibility perfect (this being November 23rd), and the Algarve scenery stretched out below. The gyro felt incredibly safe, but with great manoeuvrability. Kevin demonstrated several key benefits of the aircraft - slow speed flying, hover, stability and the ability to land safely with no engine. I got to take the controls for a while which was a bonus! The flight was over all too soon, ending with a steep approach and short roll-out, we had been hanging around waiting for a plane to take off and clear the runway. My hour had extended to 1h10, but as with experiences like this the time seems to evaporate away too quickly. I want to learn to fly one of these - no doubt about it. Currently in discussions with my fiancee about putting our wedding back so I can start flight training - wish me luck!
Date : 16 07 2016 Name : David Leak Topic : Flying: Basingstoke
I had a 90 minute experience flight in the enclosed Magni 24. Absolutely fantastic, what a machine! Steve, the instructor, is tremendous. Everyone should try this, ask Steve to show you what the aircraft can really do. Brilliant day !!!!!!
Date : 09 04 2016 Name : Steven Hill Topic : Website
where do I find the download you talked about in the "Top Gear" video, regarding the flight characteristics of each type of Gyrocopter.
Date : 22 03 2016 Name : Derek Berry Topic : Website
anyone out there who would like to add to my bucket list and take me up in a gyrocopter. i have flown cesna's and microlights in the past.i am told barton near m'chester will be operational soon this would be ideal for me.i will pay for this experience. 07855 742256.
Date : 12 03 2016 Name : Jenna Davies Topic : Flying: York
I booked an experience for my partner for his birthday last week, he absolutely loved his flight, enjoyed it thoroughly and is hoping to visit again soon! Everyone was so nice who we spoke to and all round was a great day! Thank you x
Date : 13 12 2015 Name : Sheena Topic : Flying: Perth
My husband booked a surprise gyrocopter flight for my Christmas. Thanks Kevin for the fabulous experience. The views were stunning and even got to fly it for a short while. If anyone is thinking of trying this give it a go. Kevin ensures your safety at all times.
Date : 08 12 2015 Name : Neil Robertson Topic : Flying: Perth
Just want to say a big thank you both yourself and your colleague for this afternoons experience Kevin. I know we never stayed up the full hour, my fault. But it has added another notch to the the things i wanted to do. I would highly recommend to my friend that they try this for themselves. Until the next time, thank you. Neil
Date : 27 05 2015 Name : Mark Hetterly Topic : Book: Flying a new generation gyrocopter
Could you tell me where on your website I may find the answers to the Sample Gyrocopter Technical Questions (Appendix C) in this text? Thank you. Mark
Date : 25 05 2015 Name : Colin Rodney Topic : Website
Hi Phil - just a quickie tried to attach photo from my photo steam with no success any ideas also no link to I.APGT would be helpful.
Date : 12 05 2015 Name : Victor Pe?aloza Topic : Website
It is posible to have diferents reminders for oil change, and technical inspection? Thank you
Date : 02 05 2015 Name : Chris Lear Topic : Website
Phil Harwood's book for converting pilots contains trial questions for the tech exam and says answers can be found by logging in to the gyrocopter experience website. I have registered and logged in but can't find the answers. Could you please send a link to these? Thanks