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Ever since mankind first raised its eyes towards the silver screen and saw James Bond strap himself in to Little Nellie eveyone has thought "I've just GOT to have a go at that!"

Now, thanks to the Gyrocopter Experience you can turn those dreams in to reality and experience the unique thrill of gyro flight. OK, so way may not have the machine guns and rocket launchers attached to our aircraft, but the thrill of flight in these amazing machines more than makes up for that! We can take you flying in our open-cockpit "motorbike of the skies" for that "classic" gyrocopter experience, or you can fly in our comfortable enclosed gyroplanes which even have a heater!

From our base at Popham we have an amazing local landscape to explore - you will see the landscape in a way which you have never seen it before. In the summer months we can check out the crop circles (how do they make them?), and if you are an aviation enthusiast then the comings and goings from Middle Wallop and Odiham provide varied and interesting aviation activity.

When you come for a trial flight you will be provided with all the specialist equipment you need - for open cockpit flying a flying suit, a helmet and headset and a pair of gloves; for enclosed gyros a noise-cancelling headset. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and your sense of adventure!

**** NOTE: Due to the current COVID outbreak we recommend that you bring your own clothing. For an open-cockpit flight that means an extra layer, a windproof jacket or coat and a pair of not-too-thick gloves ***

When you come for a trial flight with The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke:

All flights are subject to suitable weather conditions. We don't often have to cancel but we'll send you a text message on the morning of your flight to confirm. Your friends and family will be welcome at the airfield - we have ample parking, indoor and outdoor seating and a cafe serving hot food at the weekends.

We don't put all of our available timeslots on the website, so if you want to book an experience flight just call Instructor Steve Boxall on 0790 505 9789 to arrange a date.

Due to unprecedented levels of demand we are not currently selling flight vouchers. We are still continuing to offer experience flights - please contact us by phone or email to book.