The Gyrocopter Experience

The UK PPL(G) Syllabus

Phase 1: Basic Flying
Ex 1a Air Experience Flight
Ex 1b Effects of controls
Ex 1c Startup, Taxi and Shutdown
Ex 1d Basic Flying Consolidation
Phase 2: Upper Air Work
Ex 2a Fly a straight track at constant altitude
Ex 2b Increase and decrease speed at constant altitude
Ex 2c Medium turns at constant altitude
Ex 2d Climb and descend - straight
Ex 2e Climb and descend whilst turning
Ex 2f Fly the circuit pattern
Ex 2g Upper Air Work Consolidation
Phase 3: Rotor Management, take offs and landings
Ex 3a Rotor management
Ex 3b Take-offs
Ex 3c Landings
Ex 3d Hops
Ex 3e Circuit Consolidation
Phase 4: Emergencies
Ex 4a Engine failures to touchdown at the airfield
Ex 4b Engine failure in the circuit, unable to reach the airfield
Ex 4c Engine failure on take off
Ex 4d Emergencies
Ex 4e Recognising and recovery from unusual attitudes
Phase 5: Solo Flying
Ex 5a Presolo - check
Ex 5b First solo
Ex 5c Solo consolidation
Phase 6: Advanced Flying
Ex 6a Advanced take offs
Ex 6b Advanced Landings
Ex 6c Slow Flight
Ex 6d Fast Flight
Ex 6e Zero airspeed descents
Ex 6f Advanced Turns
Ex 6g Low flying
Ex 6h Advanced Rotor Management
Phase 7: Cross country flying
Ex 7a Join the circuit at unfamiliar airfields
Ex 7b Precautionary Field landings
Ex 7c Emergency field landing
Ex 7d Navigation
Ex 7e Qualifying Cross country
Phase 8: General flying test
Ex 8a Pre-GFT check
Ex 8b General Flying Test