The Gyrocopter Experience

We are often asked lots of questions about Gyrocopters.? Here are the most common questions we are asked.? If you have any different questions or you would like more information then please Contact Us.? We will be delighted to help you.


1 What should I wear?
2 Whats the difference between a Gyroplane, an Autogyro and a Gyrocopter?
3 What is a Gyrocopter?
4 How does a Gyrocopter fly?
5 What happens if the engine fails?
6 Can a Gyrocopter hover like a helicopter?
7 Is it difficult to fly?
8 Where can you fly?
9 Why is it the best flying experience?
10 Can you do aerobatics?
11 Can I buy a Gyrocopter? How much do they cost?
12 Do you need a pilots licence to fly a Gyrocopter?
13 Is Little Nellie a Gyrocopter?