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Welcome to The Gyrocopter Experience

A New Generation Gyrocopter (MT-03)

What is a Gyrocopter?

A Gyrocopter looks like a small helicopter but the main difference is there is no engine turning the rotors. The rotors simply self-propel (which we call "autorotate") due to the way that the air flows through them.

As the engine is not connected to the rotors, this means that a Gyrocopter is not seriously affected if the engine should stop in flight. This, together with a very short landing roll (we can land in a very small open space, about the size of a putting green), means that a Gyrocopter is one of the safest methods of flying.

We can fly lower and slower safer than most other forms of flying machines. We are also capable of flying in weather conditions which will ground most other sport aircraft. This is really important, considering the weather in Britain

Watch this video clip, it will explain everything!

Gyrocopters have traditionally been open cockpit "Motorbikes of the sky" but, since late 2010, they are available as fully enclosed models. This changes the game completely.

Watch the video clip on the right hand side, it will explain to you exactly why flying Gyrocopters is so fantastic, it will also help you decide.....which one do you want!!

The Gyrocopter Experience has flying schools around the UK where you can "fly one, to try one". See the locations on the left hand map.

The Gyrocopter Experience head office at York also has a Gyrocopter museum and sales showroom. Come and see the entire range for yourself, you will be made most welcome.

This clip, called "Top Gear for Gyros" is also available on DVD from our giftshop here.

Let's go fly!

So, what do you want to find out?

There are a number of reasons why people generally visit this site, in the boxes below are the most popular reasons for visiting and our suggestion of where in the site you should start looking for information. We hope it helps you.

I have a general enthusiasm for aviation, I have recently heard about Gyrocopters and I want to find out more.

A gaggle of gyrocopters

Gyrocopters have recently changed. Read about The Gyrocopter Revolution here and how the Gyrocopter Experience is involved

I want to know about Gyrocopters in the UK: How many are built? Who manufactures them? Where are they flying? Click here.

If you're intersted in Gyrocopters, you are part of the Gyrocopter Community. Find out about it here

I know that I want to train to be a Gyrocopter pilot and I want to find out what I have to do, and get started.

Off for some solo flight

Just dive straight into our training section here. It will tell you eveything you need to do to get started.

If you have'nt flown in a Gyrocopter yet, then why not book a slot at your nearest location.

If you're intersted in Gyrocopters, you are part of the Gyrocopter Community. Find out about it here.

I have a dream of one-day becoming a Gyrocopter flying instructor. I am told it is the best job in the world!.

A briefing session

You are correct - it is the best job in the world. If you want to know what is involved then a quick guide is given here.

If you seriously want to instruct and you want a "roadmap" of how to get there you will need to register on this site.

You are obviously serious about Gyrocopters. Check out the Gyrocopter Community here.

I have heard about the thrill you can get in a Gyrocopter and I want to get the exhiliration for myself or someone I know.

Experience the thrill of Gyrocopters

The best way to do this is to buy a Gyrocopter Experience Giftpack flight voucher here. You can pick your location, date and time later.

Alternatively you may want to book a date and time now. You can do this here.

If you are in any doubt about how great it will make you feel, check out our "Gyrocopter Grin" gallery of people who have already flown.

Whatever your reason for visiting this site, We hope you find what you are looking for.

Dont leave without checking out "The Gyrocopter Community". If you're interested in Gyrocopters...

... you're part of the community - join us, we don't bite... and it's free.

If you dont find what you're looking for in this site please let us know and let us try and help.Click Here

If you have any comments on this site we would love to get your feedback. Leave feedback


Summer Newsletter 2015

In this issue:

  • World Air Games in Dubai December 2015
  • Norman Surplus Completes the Autogyro Circumnavigation of the World in G-YROX
  • Gyros for hire at York
  • From Ecuador to Costa Rica by gyro
  • New UK record - 16-year-old Felix flies solo in a gyro!
  • New full-time instructor at Oxford
  • North vs South Film to be released in the UK late August
  • Stop Press!


Welcome to the Summer 2015 Gyrocopter Experience Newsletter with gyroplane news, updates and information from the UK and around the world.

World Air Games in Dubai December 2015

The world Air Games are being held in Dubai from 2nd to 12th Dec 2015. The event, which represents the pinnacle of competitive aviation events, is organised and controlled by the FAI (The World Air Sport Federation). Event Director Kevin Robinson, from Gyrocopter Experience Algarve, is working with the organization committee to plan the games. Kevin says “The venue for the Games is spectacular within the Marina area of Dubai, this will be an amazing competition bringing different forms of aviation together in a friendly but competitive environment."

The Gyrocopter Experience will be well represented at the event with Instructors Steve Boxall (Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke) and Remco van Ravenzwaaij (Gyrocopter Experience Netherlands) heading up the competitors.

For more information about the event Click here for contact details.

Norman Surplus Completes the Autogyro Circumnavigation of the World in G-YROX

We are delighted to announce that Norman Surplus has now completed his inspirational autogyro circumnavigation of the globe.

The final days of the journey saw Norman depart from Egilsstadir in Iceland in G-YROX, routing directly across the sea to The Faroe Islands (a sea crossing of between five and six hours - that's a seriously long time across the water!!). From the Faroe islands, Norman flew to Stornaway and then onto Oban where he met up with three other gyrocopters who would accompany him on the final leg of his journey.

The gaggle of gyros flew from Oban towards his home in Northern Ireland and Norman touched down in G-YROX just after 7pm on 11th August 2015 at the Sandy Bay Playing Fields in Larne...5 years 5 months after hehad taken off from there.

The mission has been completed! A 5 year Odyssey around the world by a quiet and unassuming gentleman from Larne, Northern Ireland, in his tiny out of the ordinary flying machine, now affectionately called 'Roxy'. The crowds that greeted Norman on his arrival were mirrored a hundred fold by the congratulatory messages sent by well wishers from around the world.

Norman is raising money for bowel cancer UK Donate here

Congratulations Norman!

Gyros for hire at York

It’s here.. Gyroplane Hire..! Jim Hughes FI(G) based at Rufforth has started a new Gyrocopter hire business. The idea is to give PPL(G) holders the opportunity that pilots of other forms of aviation have with regards to accessing Gyroplanes on a charter rental type basis. The Gyros can be ferried to other areas of the UK for use or can be flown from York.

Contact Jim to discuss - Tel 07966 450212 / Email jim@gyroplanehire.co.uk www.gyroplanehire.co.uk

From Ecuador to Costa Rica by Gyro

Gyro Instructor Guido Scheidt from The Gyrocopter Experience Costa Rica describes how he demonstrated the capabilities of gyros to government agencies in Ecuador in a Cavalon Gyroplane before flying it to his home base in Costa Rica.

Click here to read the article.

New UK record - 16-year-old Felix flies solo in a gyro!

Too young to drive? No problem, let's fly instead! 16-year old Felix Marshall went solo for the first time at The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke.

We don't know who was most nervous - his instructor Steve or his mother Andrea (it was her Calidus that he was flying ....). Felix, meanwhile, was as cool as a cucumber! Don't know if there are any younger solos that we know of?

New Full-time instructor at Oxford

Ex- SCUBA diving instructor, climber, racing driver, race-car constructor and occasional driver of vintage and veteran cars (no, we're not making this stuff up!), Clive Rose joins Andy Jones as a full-time Instructor at Gyrocopter Experience Oxford. Clive has traded the daily commute into The City to pass on his love of all things Gyro to his customers who include a nurse, an ex-RAF fast jet pilot, an Oil Geologist and a Rocket Scientist (seriously! you couldn't make this up). He still gets eMails from National Rail and texts from TfL which serve to remind him the hassle he's left behind to land this dream job.

To reserve Air Experience or Training flights with Clive please drop him an email at clive.rose@gyrocopterexperience.com or call him on 0777 333 8020

North vs South Film to be released in the UK late August

Following the premiere at The Edinburgh Film Festival, the feature film North vs South, directed by Steven Nesbit is due be released in around 20 cities around the UK at the end of August. Plans are also underway to then release around the globe.

Phil Harwood from The Gyrocopter Experience York did some gyro flying for our very brief part in the film.

For more information about the film & a trailer follow the link below: http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/films/2015/north-v-south

Stop Press!

  • Gyrocopter Experience Perth operational Full-time!
  • Kevin Whitehead is now living the dream having given up the day job to work full-time at The Gyrocopter Experience Perth. To book an introductory flight or discuss your training email Kevin.Whitehead@GyrocopterExperience.com or call him on 07411 747272

  • York Flying Club Fly-in and Open Day Sunday 30th August
  • The York Flying Club are holding a Fly-in and Open-Day at Rufforth Airfield East / Gyrocopter Experience York on Sunday 30th August. An action packed day is planned, with all day BBQ, hangar tours, trial flights in flex, fixed wing & gyros, or a chance to try flying with your feet firmly on the ground with the a go on either the BMAA's flex wing simulator or a demonstration of the Gyrocopter Simulator FM

    Flying (Gyros, Flex or fixed wing!), driving, riding or walking in, all welcome, plenty of room for everyone! More information will be available via the York Flying Club Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/355847591278042/

One great sport..... lots of great locations

The Gyrocopter Experience operate in Scotland, Northern Ireland, York, Devon, London Area (3 Locations) as well as the Algarve, the Netherlands and Costa Rica. Click on the names of the locations on the Gyrocopter Experience homepage for more details. We expect to open two more locations in the UK and one in Canada later this year. Watch this space for details.

Must Fly!

The Gyrocopter Experience Team

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Latest News

International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training
Flying is a lifetime of learning

Calling all Gyrocopter Pilots and Instructors!

The Gyrocopter Experience are delighted to be one of the sponsors of the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training 

 This is an Association for all Gyro pilots, instructors, student pilots, manufacturers and regulators of Gyroplane activity with an objective of creating and promoting worldwide standards of Gyroplane flying and instruction. The aim is to continually improve safety of Gyroplane flying, worldwide.

We urge every gyro pilot in the world to become a member of this Association. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn and share. The Association also provides software tools to integrate Instructor led student training records with self-study online training. It's not just for instructors and students though, every Gyro pilot would benefit and learn something, with a system of reminders and checklists to help keep you legal and properly prepared when you go flying.

You can register for safety related Gyro information and more information on the Association at their websitewww.iapgt.org (or the easier to remember GyrocopterTraining.org)

What's happening in the Gyrocopter Community!

Gyros recently registered!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

MTO Sport G-SIXG registered to A Lysser

Friday, 07 August 2015

MTO Sport G-CGZG registered to W Roomes

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

MTO Sport G-CGZM registered to Blue Thunder Ltd

Friday, 10 July 2015

MTO Sport G-CIRT registered to R Platt

Friday, 10 July 2015

MTO Sport G-CITX registered to Blue Thunder Ltd

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

M16 Trainer G-CIRH registered to Willy Rose Technology Ltd

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

M16 Trainer G-CITM registered to A Jones

Tuesday, 09 June 2015

M24 Orion G-CIOM registered to C Lear

Tuesday, 09 June 2015

M24 Orion G-JMBJ registered to B Lesslie

Monday, 08 June 2015

MTO Sport G-CFVG registered to D Jordan

Gyro Spottings!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

HUNGARY by Istvan Kocsis

Student Hall of Fame - First Solo!

Congratulations to the following people who have flown their First Solo. Keep up the good work!

Monday, 23 November 2015

John Gledhill trained by Andy Jones

We welcome the following new registered users!

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Alan from Glossop

Friday, 27 November 2015

Martin Saunders from Milford

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Rob Martin from Oxford

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Robert Powell from Sydney,Australia

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mark Andre from Sydney

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Garry Carr from Huthwaite

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