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The Gyrocopter Experience - Basingstoke

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Come and fly our fantastic new Magni M24 VIP! ** Night flying, CPL and Instructor training now available!**

Gyroplanes, Autogyros, Gyrocopters or just plain Gyros - call them what you will, they are all the same fantastic flying machines! We are more than just a flying school - we provide a supportive community for you to realise your dreams and take flight in the most fantastic aircraft you can fly.

We have a choice of open-cockpit and enclosed gyros available for training, experience flights and solo flight by students. All of our aircraft are powered by the range-topping Rotax 914 turbocharged engine for greater performance and higher safety margins.

Whether you are looking for a trial flight so that you can find out more about these amazing aircraft and experience the famous "Gyro Grin", or you want to learn how to fly one of these magnificent machines for yourself,?The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke?is the place for you.

We are based at?Popham?Airfield near Basingstoke in Hampshire, with great access from the M3, A303 and A34. We are THE school to come to if you live in West or South London, and are easy to get to from the South Coast, Southern England and the Midlands. We offer Trial Flights, Flight Training for the PPL(G) and advanced training for licence-holders wishing to develop their skills. If you are just starting out we will support your first steps in to aviation and will provide ongoing support once you have your licence. If you want to take your gyro flying further then we can teach night flying, commercial (CPL) and provide instructor training too!

If you decide to take the plunge and buy your own aircraft we have hangarage and maintenance available on-site, as well as a club room,?pilots briefing facilities?and?a fantastic atmosphere.

Our Aircraft

The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke offers training, solo flying and experience flights in both open-cockpit and enclosed gyroplanes. For enclosed flying we have the superb Magni M24, the first factory-built side-by-side enclosed gyroplane type approved in the UK. The M24 enjoys all of the fantastic handling qualities which make the Magni gyroplane range such enjoyable and reqarding aircraft to fly, as well as offfering the comfort and convenience of enclosed, sociable flying.

If you want to enjoy the thrills of open-cockpit flying then we are fortunate to have our own Magni M16 - which we consider to be the finest training aircraft available. Powered by the powerful Rotax 914 turbocharged engine, it provides unmatched stability and and rapidly generates confidence and skill in our students. Our M16 was new in March 2016, so not only is it one of the finest training machines available but it is still factory-fresh!

If you have your own gyroplane we can teach you to fly that too - as long as it is a UK-approved factory-built machine.

Meet the Staff

Steve Boxall

Steve is the chief Gyro instructor & Exminer at Popham and is one of the most experienced gyroplane flying instructors in the UK. Steve "it's because I started very young, not because I am now very old" Boxall has been a Flying Instructor for over 30 years, has been flying Gyros for 17 years and started his gyro-ing adventures in a single seat gyro which he built himself in the garage. Steve was the owner of the very first of the new factory-built gyroplanes in the UK and was the first Instructor in the UK to operate the new generation of factory-built gyroplanes. In 2017 Steve became the first gyroplane pilot in the UK to hold a gyroplane night-flying rating and became the first holder of a Commercial Pilots Licence for gyroplanes.

In the past Steve was a commercial balloon pilot and so has excellent knowledge of aviation, though now he flies something which travels significantly faster! Steve's son and daughter first flew in a gyro when they were aged 5 and 7, and his daughter made her first landing aged 8. Now she thinks that flying gyros is easy, and wants to know when she can have a pink gyro of her own! The arrival of our Magni M16 has caused great excitement in the Boxall household, as the kids have worked out that it has adjustable rudder pedals so they'll be able to learn how to fly sooner .....

As well as flying balloons and gyroplanes, Steve also holds an aeroplane Commercial Pilots Licence, Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine rating.

Steve is well known for his good looks, charm, wit and, above all, his modesty. :-)