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The Gyrocopter Experience - LondonEast

Pilot Training

With the very latest and state of the art training materials and methods, safety, quality and fun are top of the priority list.

You will receive the very best briefings on the ground before each flight, making it clear what each lesson will entail, thus cutting out wasted time in the air, and cutting out unnecessary cost on your part.


Each part of the syllabus can be broken down into digestible bite-size pieces to suit your appetite and ability, tailored to your needs.

You will also have to pass 5 ground school exams on your journey to achieving your PPL (G). We provide training courses for each subject, giving you exactly what you need to be successful, in an easy, and relaxed fashion, cutting out hours of unneeded self-study.

Your journey will also be guided by the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT). Keeping you up to date with best practice worldwide.

AUTOGYRO (ROTORSPORT) and MAGNI (to be confirmed) available.

Whether you are an experienced pilot in Fixed wing, Flex wing, or Helicopters, or even if you are new to flying, the Gyrocopter Experience London East will guide you through your training at a rate that is suited to your needs.

Our Aircraft

Online Training Records and Training Material

Your pilot training records will be available in the web portal called "The Gyropedia". This is a web based program that allows us to easily comply with all the training standards set by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and IAPGT (The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training). It allows you to follow your progress through the course.

The Gyropedia also contains a complete set of online training material, incorporating videos, study guides and question banks to help you prepare for your lessons and the exams. The training material elements of the Gyropedia are enabled with an annual subscription (£10/month paid annually in advance).

The Gyropedia can be accessed from the "Gyropedia" link in the menu bar. Please note, there is a separate registration for the Gyropedia, which is an independant system from the registration on the main Gyrocopter Experience website (the username and pasword are not currently linked).