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Pilot Training

Intensive Training Courses

The Gyrocopter Experience offers intensive 4 or 5 day training courses for student pilots. Courses cater for students wanting to train for a Private Pilot's Licence for Gyroplanes or PPL(G) in addition to advanced flying training for existing pilots. Training courses are held during the week. We have a maximum of two students on each intensive training week. Students take it in turns to fly and depending on their stage of training, may share briefings.

You can expect to fly an average of two and a half hours each day. It might not sound that much, but learning to fly is very absorbing and intense and it takes a while for your brain to assimilate what you have been taught. We discourage students from booking intensive training weeks back to back. it isn't the most productive way to learn as you need time to fully understand and absorb everything you have learned. The optimum gap between training weeks is probably between one and four weeks, however we do have a number of students who are learning to fly over a couple of years and have longer gaps between each intensive week.

Think of it as a holiday!

We fully understand and respect that you will probably use valuable vacation time in learning to fly and we make every effort to fly despite sometimes less than ideal weather conditions. We will sometimes rearrange the order that things get taught in an effort to make the best use of the varying British weather conditions. In the event that flying is not possible, we try to switch our attention to the various ground school topics in order to ensure that time isn't wasted.

We have had great feedback regarding learning on these intensive courses as opposed to training an hour here or there spread across a long period. It is often helpful to remove yourself from your normal everyday life and fully immerse yourself in flying training. Many of our students stay locally and maximise the time they spend at the airfield with their attention fully focused on learning to fly.

Our Aircraft

Our Cavalon is serial no. 002. It was the first Cavalon delivered by Rotorsport. We collected the machine on 1st May 2013, and are the most experienced Cavalon school in the UK.

Our Calidus, in Lamborghini Yellow, is still as new. With the Rotax 914, the performance is breathtaking.

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Or see for more info in the Cavalon.

We also fly the Rotorsport MT03.It has the improved Rotor System II and is, possibly, the best variant of open tandem gyro.

We can teach you to fly on your own aircraft providing it is a UK approved factory built machine.

Be among the first to fly the future!

Online Training Records and Training Material

Your pilot training records will be available in the web portal called "The Gyropedia". This is a web based program that allows us to easily comply with all the training standards set by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and IAPGT (The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training). It allows you to follow your progress through the course.

The Gyropedia also contains a complete set of online training material, incorporating videos, study guides and question banks to help you prepare for your lessons and the exams. The training material elements of the Gyropedia are enabled with an annual subscription (£10/month paid annually in advance).

The Gyropedia can be accessed from the "Gyropedia" link in the menu bar. Please note, there is a separate registration for the Gyropedia, which is an independant system from the registration on the main Gyrocopter Experience website (the username and pasword are not currently linked).