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Welcome to The Gyrocopter Experience Perth, Scotland
Experience Flights and Pilot Training - To book: - Call Kevin on +44(0)7411 747272
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Prices at this location

Open Cockpit (MTOSport)

Gyrocopter Introductory Flight (Briefing + 30 minutes flying) £99 (+ £5 for gift pack)

Gyrocopter Introductory Flight (Briefing + 60 minutes flying) £175 (+ £5 for gift pack)

Gyrocopter Introductory Flight (Briefing + 90 minutes flying) £270 (+ £5 for gift pack)

Training Rates, when registered for an ongoing training course:-

Dual Instruction open cockpit (MTOSport) £149 per hour * This rate is for students receiving ongoing training and applies from the second hour of training onwards.

Extended briefings and groundschool £49 per hour

Dual Instruction in your Gyrocopter £90 per hour

Supervised Solo Training in your Gyrocopter £90 per hour

Ground Exams £30 per paper

Supervised Solo training in a School Gyrocopter £149 per hour

Membership of the local flying club.

All students training at Perth Airport are required to become members of The Scottish Aero Club at a cost of £100 for the first year of training, subsequent years are charged at the full pilot membership rate of £190.

In March 2013, the law changed to allow factory built Gyrocopters to be hired in the UK. When you obtain your Gyrocopter Pilot's license, there is now an option to hire our Gyros subject to a set of terms and conditions. Please contact us for further details.