The Gyrocopter Experience
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When you embark on a training course, you will require all the following items.? Some of the items here can be downloaded directly from this page, others are available to purchase from our online shop.


The Book. "Flying a New Generation Gyrocopter"

The?reference book for every student when learning to fly Gyros.? It contains the majority of the information that you require during?your training.??It also contains training material for the Gyroplane Technical Exam.?Get it here?


The Book. "The Microlight Pilot's Handbook"

At present there is no specific book written for the ground school subjects?(meteorology, navigation, human performance and air law) specifically for Gyro students.??The closest guide is the book "The Microlight Pilots handbook".?Get it here


Log book

You will require an official logbook to record all your flights in a Gyro.? This is submitted to the CAA on completion of your training and on demand. Get it here


Medical form

Before you can fly solo in a Gyro you must have a signed copy of this form.? It is signed both by you and your doctor.? There are guidance notes for this form?here?and the form can be downloaded here.


Cross Country signoff sheet

Before you can fly cross-country (away from the airfield) you must have this form signed by your instructor.? It is also signed by an official person at the airfield that you land at.? It is submitted to the CAA as part of your licence application.? It can be downloaded here.


?PPL(G) Application form

This is the actual form that you will have to fill in and get signed by your instructor and your examiner.Download it now