The Gyrocopter Experience
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Image Day 1 - Friday 6th

Having decided to go around britain in the opposite direction to that originally planned, in order to take advantage of the better weather, day 1 ended up with a great flight from RAF Benson all the way to Lands End, stopping at Popham and Exeter along the way. About 230 miles.

Day 2 - Saturday 7th

From Lands End, a quick flight to St Merryn, then onwards to Eaglescott, 13 miles over the Bristol channel to Penbury and finally stopping at Haverford West.  Quote from the team - "Awesome".  200 miles travelled today.  430 in total.

Day 3  - Sunday 8th

Haverford West, climbing over the summit of Snowdon landing at Caernavon for lunch.  Onwards to Blackpool and then joining Chris Jones at his flying school in Kirkbride in Cumbria.  290 miles today - 720 in total.

Day 4 - Monday 9th

This was not a great day.  Everyone was a little tired, having slept on the floor of the control tower at Kirkbride airfield. One of the Gyros had a slight fuel leak which took most of the morning to fix and then it was off to Prestwick for the middle of the afternoon.  The weather on the trip had been great but telephoning ahead to Oban revealed that the airfield was fogbound and therefore closed.  Everyone is currently stuck on the ground at Prestwick and the schedule is slipping.

Day 5 - Tuesday 10th

Left Prestwick and flew across the water to the Isle of Bute - fantastic.  Onwards to Oban.  Flew through the great glen and landed at Inverness late in the Afternoon.  Indentended an evening flight up to Wick and John O Groats but one of the VPMs had a cracked exhaust.  Spent the night in Inverness,  machines all sorted now.

Day 6 - Wednesday 11th

The day didnt start so well, one of the VPMs had a dodgy prerotator and the rotors wouldnt start.  Paul therefore stayed at Inverness to fix the prerotator and the other guys continued north to Wick and John O Groats.  They returned to Inverness.  Due to the slippage in the schedule they decided to continue flying south as far as possible, taxying off from Inverness, the prerotator failed again.  Paul is therefore stuck in Inverness until his machine gets fixed, the others continued south until the light beat them and they landed at Montrose.  Speaking to them on the phone....they all sound very tired.  Only a couple of days to go.

Day 7 - Thursday 12th

Great news, everyone is back together again.  Paul managed to get his prerotator fixed and headed south via Dundee to Edsfield where he met up with the main gang.  The main gang flew south from Montrose, stopped off for some fuel from a local RAF2000 owner and travelled via Leuchars escorted by some millitary jets.  Over the water avoiding Edinburgh and then south along the coast to Edsfield.  The merry band then all flew together south to Cromar.

Day 8 - Friday 13th 

They made it!  1700 miles, 35 flying hour but they ended up at the Isle of Wight Spamfield party on the evening of Friday 13th.  A fantiastic achievement.  Well done guys!