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Kati Hedger becomes 3rd woman in the UK to get PPL(G) PDF Print E-mail

ImageKati Hedger become the 3rd woman in the UK to get her PPL(G).  She is the 1st woman to get a PPL(G) in the past 10 years and also the first woman to qualify in an MT-03 Gyro.

Kati is the Event Coordnator for The Gyrocopter Experience and has always enjoyed being around Gyros.  When Phil first suggested that she should learn to fly she was delighted.  She spent all her spare time flying or studying (even though she had vowed when she left university that her studying days were over).

As the Event Coordinator she is always asked lots of questions from the people waiting for their flights.  She can now answer them with the total confidence and authority as a pilot herself.

Well done Kati, we're proud of you.

This announcement is also in "Pilot" magazine September issue.