The Gyrocopter Experience
3 students pass GFT (General Flying Test) on the same day PDF Print E-mail

ImageFriday 15th August 2008 was a great day for The Gyrocopter Academy at Rufforth Airfield, York.  On this day Dave and Andrew Watson (father and son) and Arnold Parker all passed their General Flying Tests with Chief Examiner David Beevers at Rufforth Airfield, just outside York.

All 3 guys own the new MT-03 Gyrocopter and, as soon as their paperwork is processed by the CAA, they will be able to enjoy the thrill of the Gyros without the supervision of instructor Phil Harwood.

Phil says, "It has been great fun training these guys, they have been full of enthusiasm since they started earlier in the year.  They are all qualified fixed wing pilots so they already have a lot of experience flying, so most of their training was about getting them to think like a Gyro pilot and undoing some of their fixed wing reactions when flying the Gyro.  I expect they will have hundreds of hours of fun over the coming years".

Photo (left to right)  Phil Harwood (Instructor), Dave Watson (father), Andrew Watson (son), Arnold Parker, David Beevers (Examiner) 

The Gyrocopter Acedemy is the PPL(G) training company, and sister company to The Gyrocopter Experience.