The Gyrocopter Experience
Gyrocopter added to Skywatch fleet at Lincoln police open day PDF Print E-mail

ImageA beautiful bright yellow Gyrocopter has been added to the Skywatch fleet around Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Skywatch is a voluntary organisation for private pilots who want to provide help to local police and emergency services.  Arnold Parker, who started Skywatch has flown many Skywatch missions in his Pioneer aircraft based at Rufforth, York and when he saw the Gyrocopters at 'The Gyrocopter Experience' he instantly knew that this type of machine would be suited to the Skywatch role.

"At Skywatch, we are a 'Search and Report' unit.  We can help the local emergency services by observing from the air.  Ideally you need to be able to fly low and slow and this is perfect for a Gyrocopter with an unrestricted view from the open cockpit" .  

We decided to launch the Gyrocopter at the Lincoln police open day to show the public what we do.  It was a great event and everyone is really excited about using Gyrocopters to help the police further" 

 You can get more details on Skywatch at