The Gyrocopter Experience
777 Training Captain gets PPL(G) PDF Print E-mail

ImageImageClive Catherall is a training captain for the Boeing 777 but now he also has his PPL(G), the licence to fly his very own Gyrocopter.

Clive bought his MT-03 in May 2008 and completed his training with an intensive course at The Gyrocopter Academy in York.  Although Clive had amassed over 15000 flying hours he still took his Gyrocopter training very seriously.

"Flying an MT-03 is great fun and a completely different experience to the big jets", said Clive. "It was very unusual for me to fly close to the gound when taking off and landing.  When I am sitting in my cockpit of the 777 I am still 22ft above the ground".

Clive completed his GFT with Chief Examiner David Beevers and, as you can see from his picture he has a massive Gyrocopter Grin.

Clive is waiting for his paperwork to be processed by the CAA, then he will be flying from Chiltern Park airfield near Oxford.