The Gyrocopter Experience
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6 Mechanics from Lower Village Garage, Heswall, Wirral had a fun day out in York as each of them took the controls of the MT-03 Gyrocopter and dodged the rain showers around Rufforth airfield.


David Edwards, the garage owner decided to treat his guys to a piece of "James Bond" style excitement.  He bought the six training slots as part of a fund raising event by Breakthrough Breast Cancer earlier in the year.  David, who has always been interested in Gyros, couldn't attend the event himself but thought it would be great to close the garage for the day and treat his mechanics to a fun day out.

At 7am, the weather forecast showed rain moving eastwards across the country and tracking just to the south of York.  With the thought of rain cancelling the event at any time, the guys decided to take their chance and drive to Rufforth anyway. None of the guys, Phillip, Ade, Ian, Mark, Nick and James had seen a Gyrocopter before.  Their first impression on arriving at the airfield was that it looked small and a little scary.

One by one they took to the skies and everyone soon relaxed and enjoyed the view.  After a few minutes each of them took the controls and guided the aircraft to the south of the airfield.  A couple of times, some slight rain showers came over the airfield - this wasnt a problem as they simply flew around them.  As each of them were flying comfidently by the end of their flight, Phil demonstrated the capabilities of the Gyrocopter when the engine fails by gliding slowly and smoothly to the ground with the engine at idle power.

As predicted: every one of them had a "Gyrocopter Grin" as they taxyed back to the apron to rejoin their mates. Their photos have of course joined our gallery.

If you fancy persuading your boss to hold a corporate event, please give us a call.  It's great fun.