The Gyrocopter Experience
3 Pilots from Malta try Gyrocopters PDF Print E-mail

Image Mark, Mark and Leon, 3 microlight pilots from Malta, recently tried their hand at Gyrocopters.  They had all taken a weeks holiday to enjoy the beautiful Yorkshire countryside from the air in their flexwing microlights.

Whilst they were there, the Gyrocopter Experience was holding one of their intensive training courses at the same airfield, it wasn't long before the Malta boys persuaded Phil to let them have a flight.

Mark, who was revalidating his microlight instructors rating with John Teesdale, the CFI at Rufforth Airfield East and who also holds a helicopter licence, was amazed at the stability of the new MT-03 Gyrocopters.  He was so impressed that he edited the video taken of his flight and loaded it onto youtube.  You can see the video of this flight for yourself by clicking here.