The Gyrocopter Experience
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Kevin Robinson, who has been training pilots to fly Gyrocopters from RAF Benson near Oxford for 2 years has teamed up with the Gyrocopter Experience.

The Gyrocopter Experience has only one ambition "To get as many people as possible to experience the thrill of flying these fascinating machines".  There is a huge demand for people wanting to try their hand at flying, both for one off experience flights and training to gain their PPL(G).  Kevin has been doing all of this professionally for some time. 

Operating under the Gyrocopter Experience brand gives people a choice of where they can fly from; the more locations around the UK - the more people will be able to fly closer to home.  Bookings can be made via the website which simplifies administration, giving more time to fly!  Kevin is now also able to offer gift packs.

Kevin and Phil have been friends for some time, teaming up makes it easier for people to find out where they can fly in the UK and then book it from a central place.  There are also flying events coming up where Kevin and Phil will instruct together to allow a greater number of people to fly in a group.

See the "Oxford: More Info" tab in the menu to the left of thie webpage for more information and contact details.