The Gyrocopter Experience
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ImageOn Sunday 10th Feb 2007, Jan Hedger, celebrating her 65th birthday took to the skies with The Gyrocopter Experience.  This was the first time that Jan had flown in anything with an open cockpit.  "It was truly fantastic" she said when she landed.  "I was nervous at the start and just after the take off, but it was so smooth and gentle that I soon relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I even took the controls for a while as I flew around York", she said.  And afterwards, she got to hug the pilot Phil.

ImageOn the same day, Derek Poole, aged 83 took a belated birthday celebration when he too, took to the skies in a Gyrocopter.  Derek was no stranger to flying as he used to be the rear gunner in Lancaster bombers.  It was a fantastic day, we flew over the fields at 600ft and then up to 2000ft as we circled around the north side of York.  We descended from 2000ft down to 800ft with the engine idling and in a perfect hovering descent - it was so calm and smooth - "Just like going down in a lift".

Watch a short clip of this flight on YouTube : Click Here

If you know someone who likes to try something different, why not buy them a Gyrocopter Experience voucher.  Young or old, everyone gets The Gyrocopter Grin.

Derek having a little prayer just before take off....only joking of course.


Jan decides that it would be more fun to fly standing up.....