The Gyrocopter Experience
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Thomas Kiggen

The popular Gyrocopter Pilot?s Handbook by Phil Harwood has been translated into German by Arnold Upmeyer and has just been published.?

Phil and Arnold presented the first copy of the book to Thomas Kiggen, the Chief Flying Instructor at Auto-Gyro, who manufactures the MTOSport, The Calidus and The Cavalon. ?(Thomas is the "T" of the MTO Acronym). ?Thomas was influential in the design of the book, relating the content to the German Syllabus.

The book is a complete guide to gyroplane training and has become the training bible for student gyroplane pilots throughout the world. ?It contains detailed briefings for all the flying exercises in the UK PPL(G) syllabus with full colour diagrams and photographs The book contains useful tips and traps for Gyro pilots. ?If you are learning to fly Gyros, or already have a Gyro pilot's licence and your native language is German, this book should be part of your collection

Tragschrauber - Gyrocopter Handbuch f?r Piloten ? Flug?bungen is available from the gift shop here and can be shipped anywhere in the world.