The Gyrocopter Experience
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Magni Gyro SrlThe Gyrocopter Experience attended the Aero Friedrichshafen event for the first time this year.? This is the largest European Aviation Trade Show, where manufacturers launch new products and ideas.

There was lots to see ? including all of those European gyros which we never get to play with in the UK!?

As well as Auto-Gyro, Magni and Layzell Gyroplanes; Arrow-copter, Cloud Dancer, Trixi Aviation and Xenon?all had impressive looking machines.? There was also a surprise offering from Trixi!!!

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Magni Gyro?

Magni Gyro Ltd

Magni Gyro Ltd displayed the new?plush interior for the M24 Orion, an M16 with a crop spraying attachment, an M16 with the New Rotax 912is fuel injected engine and new metallic colour scheme, an M24 with a number of cameras mounted on it and the M22 which has now achieved certification in Germany.
?Calidus with baggage pods

Auto Gyro

Auto Gyro (Rotorsport in the UK) displayed the new Cavalon with a gyro stabilised camera mounted on the nose, the Calidus with new baggage pods, and an?MTO Sport with a crop spraying unit.? They also announced they have started the design of a 4 seat Gyro.


?Layzell Gyroplanes

Layzell Gyroplanes displayed the Merlin which is now being manufactured in Lithuania, initially for the French market

?Arrow copter


The Arrow-Copter is soon to achieve certification in Austria.? This machine will be the largest gyro currently in manufacture.? It is impressive and sleak looking.

?Cloud Dancer

Cloud Dancer

The cloud dancer is soon to achieve certification in Germany.? This machine comes with the option of a 2 blade or a 4 blade rotor system.? A very impressive specification.


?Trixi Aviation

The main offering of Trixi Aviation is their Calidus lookalike.? This is soon to achieve certification in Austria.



The Xenon was on display but without a lot of razzamataz.? A nice looking machine which has a repuation for being underpowered.

?trixi 2

?.....and another from Trixi

We just couldnt pass this by....another offering from Trixi open frame version.? This really does look like the proverbial "motorbike of the sky".? We are not sure if this is a serious project....