The Gyrocopter Experience
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Every year we get requests from Gyrocopter students to run formal classes for the non-flying subjects:

  • Air Law (The highway code for the skies);
  • Human Performance (potential problems that a human can face when flying and how to avoid them);
  • Meteorology (how to know if the weather is going to turn bad);
  • Navigation (how to find where you are going when there are no roads or signposts);
  • and Gyroplane Principles of Flight (why do these spinny things keep on spinning?)

They are all really important things to know.? It is not a matter of passing exams?it is a matter of knowing things that will keep you safe when you are flying.

Some people learn by reading books, and that?s ok! But for a lot of people, learning in a classroom is so much more convenient.? It can put everything into context which helps retain the information.

This winter, Phil Harwood will be running classes on all the subjects.? Delivered in a concise and entertaining manner, it is going to be a fun way to learn.? It?s intensive and it will be hard work- but you will learn a lot and there will be an opportunity to sit the exams and get all the theoretical subjects completed so that when the weather is good ? you can concentrate on your flying.? This year will see the release of all new training material: Handy to read; Handy to refer to; and a great way to keep a note of everything you learn.

Places are limited, there is only so much fun to go around.? The first course (24th-26th January) covers Air Law, Human Factors and Gyroplane Technical.? The second course (14th-16th February) covers Meteorology and Navigation.? The cost is ?450 for a 3 day course.? If required, there is a 4th day for revision, contingency and for sitting the exams. The revision and contingency day is free, the exams cost ?25 each.? Both courses are completely separate ? book either of them, or both of them.

To book: click here or call 0845 643 9476.? There is a ?100 deposit, the course is open to everyone and you dont have to be an existing Gyrocopter Experience student. Enjoy!