The Gyrocopter Experience
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Tour 2011We have just had the most amazing time: a gaggle of 6 Gyrocopters all flying around the Devon and Cornwall countryside.? Just a group of ordinary?likeminded guys and gals jumping into Gyrocopters, deciding where to fly day by day on a 4 day tour, led by The Gyrocopter Experience - Devon.

The rendezview point was Old Sarum airfield (The Gyrocoter Experience Salisbury) on Monday 11th July 2011 where the MTO Sport G-KIMH (Paul Harrison) flew in from Wirrell; the Magni M16 G-CGNM (Andrew Peel and Wendy Reece) and the MT03 G-CFKA (Phil Smart) flew down from York during the day; and, later in the afternoon, the Calidus G-GRYN (Kati Hedger and Phil Harwood) joined them, also from York.

Tuesday morning saw the gaggle take off from Old Sarum, fly to the Isle of Wight and then onwards to Farway Common, to meet up with Nick Wright in his MT03 G-CEYR and Paul Newman in the VPM G-CVPM.? In the afternoon, the Gyros took to the sky once again to follow the coastline to Bolt Head for the second overnight stay.? Here we met up with Simon Evans in his green/blue "flipflop" coloured MTO Sport G-HMHM, for this trip Simon became known (and forever more he will be known) as Flipflop :-).

On Wednesday, Simon led the flock over stunning scenery and onwards to Perranporth to meet up with John and Sally Foster in their Magni M24 G-CGRZ.? In the afternoon, we split into two groups.? One group flew down the coast and landed at Lands End airfield.? The second group flew all the way to the Scilly Isles and back.? What a tremendous flight.

On the final day, the formation of Gyrocopters flew up the coast from Perranporth (it is great to say to an Air Traffic Controller - "Formation of Gyrocopters requesting clearance through your ATZ" - I bet they dont hear that every day!) to Eaglescott.? This was superb, flying along the coastline looking at the sandy beaches and the crystal clear water, we could have been flying over beaches in the Carribean. Then flying low through the gentle rolling hills of the Bodmin moorland.

Eaglescott is the home airfield of The Gyrocopter Experience Devon.? Without question, it is the location with the best scenery around it....and the best way to see it, is from a Gyrocopter! Stunning.

The formation parted at Eaglescott with everyone flying back to their own base.? Simply exhilarating!

If ever there was a reason to learn to fly a Gyrocopter - this is it!? Going on tour with a group of mates to see the countryside in a way that is simply unique.? You could sample this as an experience flight. call Nick on 07734 055791.