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Flying in DevonAs part of the Gyrocopter Experience?s commitment to be at the forefront of gyro training in the UK we are continually trying to respond to our customers requests. One such enquiry has been; can we offer a fixed price PPL(G) course?

So, as a trial, The Gyrocopter Experience Devon is offering a fixed price PPL(G) course to one lucky person. You pay for 45 hours* and we will train you up to your General Flying Test.

Flying training is not cheap, but this way at least you know the costs won?t run away!

Eaglescott Airfield, the training base for The Gyrocopter Experience Devon, is ideal for flying training. We have 4 runways to cope with any wind direction. We generally have the airfield to ourselves so we can fly left or right hand circuits at whatever height the exercise requires, and we don?t have to do huge circuits to fit in with fixed wing traffic. No long taxying or waiting at the hold for multiple landing traffic.

All this means we can get the most out of every training hour, saving time and ultimately making your training more efficient.

So if you?re serious about learning to fly gyros, and you want your licence as soon as possible, send us an e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )?or give us a call (07734 055 791). You could have a PPL(G) by September!

*Terms and conditions
Subject to, and not including, a one hour flight assessment. For continuity of training, the student needs to commit to 4 off, 5 day slots over an agreed timescale. Payment in advance of each module. Time is measured from brakes off to brakes on. Not including GFT (General Flying Test). Includes up to 54 hours (20% extra).