The Gyrocopter Experience
Female Flyers Flee Fixed-Wing and Go For Gyros PDF Print E-mail

Gyro GirlsIf you?ve ever wondered what the collective noun is for a group of female gyro flyers, now is the time to get your thinking hats on!? On Friday 18th March? six women aviators all thought ?the sun is out, the sky is blue, gyro flying is the thing to do?? and converged on Rufforth airfield near York.? ?It was one of those happy coincidences which you just couldn?t have planned?? said Phil Harwood of The Gyrocopter Experience at Rufforth.? ?They were all there for their own reasons ? flying, training, trying new aircraft or doing the cooking and washing up {see note 1}.? It just shows how much things have changed in the gyroplane movement ? just a few years ago there was only one female gyro pilot in the whole of the UK, and now we can have six female gyro flyers coincidentally at one airfield at the same time.? Fortunately we had some male pilots on site to park the aircraft for them {see note 2}?

Note 1: Kati Hedger runs the ?Chocs Away? Cafe at Rufforth airfield so we?re not making that bit up
Note 2: OK, that is just a rubbish sexist joke.? The Gyrocopter Experience is an Equal Opportunities flying school ? we take every opportunity to take the mick out of all of our students equally regardless of the age, gender, etc etc

From left to right in the picture:

Rosie Simpson ? Microlight Instructor and PPL(G) solo student
Christine Ho, PPL(G) holder and Magni M24 owner (also fixed-wing PPL holder)
Wendy Reece, PPL(G) Student pilot
Kati Hedger, PPL(G) holder? and Calidus Owner
Sally Foster, Magni M24 owner with her husband John Foster, in training
Claire Taylor, PPL(G) solo student