The Gyrocopter Experience
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Top Gear for GyrosIf you were at The Flying Show 2010 at the Birmingham NEC, you are likely to have visited The Gyro Cinema and watched the movie "Top Gear for Gyros".? Now you have a chance to buy it on DVD so that you can study the detail again and again.

With the introduction of factory built Gyros in the UK and the success of both Magni Gyro and Rotorsport UK there is now a choice of Gyro to fly and buy.??But the big question is.....which one do you want?

This DVD explains clearly why Gyros are just fantastic to fly and a DIFFERENT experience from fixed wing and helicopter.? In this DVD you will see a Gyro land with the engine completely switched off and the views of the pilot during the descent.? The first part of the film?explains why you will have more flying days in a Gyro in the UK compared to other forms of sport aviation and why it can be regarded as the safest form of powered flying.

The second part of the DVD shows every factory built Gyro available to fly in the UK.? It explains the differences between them.? It compares the different engines available and why you could choose one of them over the other.? It shows the difference in flying characteristics between the open cockpit Gyros and the different approach to market between the different manufacturers of the enclosed Gyros.

This DVD concludes with an invitation to "Fly one, to try one, before you buy one".? There is now a Gyro showroom available in the UK at York, which sells every model of Gyro.? In the past, pilots have bought "on trust", those days have passed.? It is now possible to take a trial flight in every model of Gyro available in the UK so that you can make up your own mind.

This DVD was premiered at the Gyro Cinema at The Flying Show 2010.? The comments from people leaving the cinema was "this is a film that you will want to watch again and again".? You now have that chance.

Written and Directed by Steve Nesbit. Running time 13 mins approx.

You can view a trailer here.? You can buy the DVD from the giftshop here.