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Magni M24 Orion gets approval to fly in the UK PDF Print E-mail

m24Magni Gyro Ltd are delighted to announce that today (4th October) the Magni M24 fully enclosed gyroplane has received its Type Approval? from the CAA and is now fully approved for flight in the UK.? ?This is a truly momentous occasion, not just for Magni Gyro but for gyroplanes in the UK? said Steve Boxall on behalf of the Magni Gyro team.? ?The Magni M24 is now the first enclosed 2-seat factory built gyroplane to be approved to BCAR Section T , the UK CAA?s approval standard for gyroplanes.? What is even more remarkable is that we have achieved this amazing goal ahead of schedule ? which is great news both for us and our customers.?

?The approval of the Magni M24 has been a tremendous team effort.? As well as full commitment and support form Magni Gyro in Italy we have had an engineering, technical support and flight test team here in the UK liaising with the CAA.? The CAA have been supportive too ? we have met all our commitments to them, and they in turn have hit all of their deadlines in responding to us.? I have been involved in technical project management for many, many years and I?ve never before seen a project which has run like this one!?

Deliveries of the M24 will commence immediately.? ?We have an excellent order book? says Steve, ?with our customers putting great store by the near-legendary stability of Magni Gyroplanes, combined with a strong UK team provide support, training and after-sales service.? The M24 provides all of the exhilaration and responsiveness of gyro flight, combined with the comfort of being enclosed and the sociability of side-by-side seating.??

Magni Gyroplanes are available to fly at The Gyrocopter Experience?s bases at Old Sarum (Salisbury) and Rufforth (York).