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Magni M24 Orion Completes CAA Test Flying at Old Sarum PDF Print E-mail

M24Magni Gyro Ltd are delighted to announce that today (1st September) the Magni M24 fully enclosed gyroplane completed its CAA flight test schedule at Old Sarum airfield at the hands of Chris Taylor (CAA Gyroplane Test Pilot), Jeff Houghton (CAA Head of Helicopter Flight Testing) and Luca Magni (Magni Gyro srl).

?This is another major milestone for the project completed ahead of schedule? said Steve Boxall on behalf of the Magni Gyro team.? ?The CAA team put in a long day to get everything finished, and we had fantastic support from the management and staff here at Old Sarum.?

The M24 remains on track for full CAA approval to be issued in October.

If you want to hear more about it, Steve can be contacted on 07905 059789.