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Magni M24 Orion and Rotorsport Calidus flying in the UK (permit to test) PDF Print E-mail

M24On the 21st August 2010 the fully enclosed 2 seat Calidus Gyroplane flew for the first time in the UK under a permit to test. 5 days later, the M24C Orion Gyroplane from Magni Gyro also flew under a permit to test.? This is a truly exciting stage in the development of the Gyro industry in the UK with both machines competing head-on for the fully enclosed market in the UK.Calidus

A permit to test means that the Gyro's can fly by the nominated test pilots and observers?in order to verify the flight characteristics.? If these tests are successful, the next stage is for the CAA test pilots to fly them, after that there will be a paperwork exercise to complete before the final approval for flight in the UK is given.? It is expected that both machines will gain this final approval before the end of the October this year.

Watch this space for details of where and when you will be able to see the Calidus and the M24 Orion flying in the UK.

As soon as approvals have been issued, the Gyrocopter Experience will be hosting an event to give everyone a chance to see these machines flying together in the UK.? Further details on the M24 or the Calidus can be obtained from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Tel: 0845 643 9476.