The Gyrocopter Experience
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Air Expo 2010The Gyrocopter Experience, Magni Gyro and Rotorsport UK all?spent the weekend of the 25th to 27th June at Air Expo held at Wycomb Airpark.? Together they formed "Gyro Village" and attracted hundreds of customers to their stand.

Rotorsport had their Calidus and MTO Sport, Magni had their M24 and M16 and The Gyrocopter Experience flew trial flights and held seminars to let people know just how exciting flying Gyros can be.

?42 trial flights were flown over the 3 day event and, with their vertical descents over the airfield and very short landing roll, they were the centre of attention.

The sun shone every minute of every day and an estimated 6000 people attended this annual event.? Next year it is hoped to try and organise the largest Gyro fly-in anywhere in the country and show everyone that Gyros well and truly have arrived.