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Popham 2010The annual Popham event took place on the bank holiday weekend at the start of May and over 20 Gyros flew in.? It was a fantastic sight.? Unfortunately the bad weather started to close in during the Saturday afternoon and it was forecast to remain poor?throughout the Sunday so virtually all the Gyros flew out again early on the Saturday afternoon.

Rotorsport were showing the Calidus and the MTO Sport, Magni were showing the M24 Orion and the M16C and?Gary Layzell was showing a cricket Av18A.? It was anticipated that both the Calidus and the M24 Orion would be flying at this event however the CAA refused permission to fly at the last minute without any solid reason, disappointing.

The Gyrocopter Experience and the British Rotorcraft Association had their seminar marquee and this year Steve Boxall, the Gyro flying instructor from Old Sarun gave the seminars on how and why you fly Gyros!? Kai Maurer (Gyro School in Kent), Peter Davies and Kevin Robinson (The Gyrocopter Experience) gave trial flights - and they were all sold out by 11:30 - such is the demand for flying Gyros.

Despite the bad weather Gyro Convention 2010 was attended by over 60 people which filled the marquee.? Phil Harwood was MC for the event and introduced Gerry Speich (Rotorsport), Luca Magni (Magni), Gary Lazell and Kevin Robinson (The British Rotorcraft Association).? At the end of the convention Norman Surplus who has broken the world record for long distance flying in a Gyro was given a massive round of applause, currently he is delayed in Thailand awaiting some repairs to his Gyro, we are all extremely proud of him.

Finally, a DVD from Gyrojet, a project which exists to produce a commerical Gyro was shown, this could be the Gyro of the future. All in all the feedback from the event was very positive and then, of course, it was great to have a few beers with fellow Gyronauts!