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Gyro convention 2010

If you have any interest in Gyros then we invite you to make your way to "Gyro Convention 2010", to be held at Popham airfield on Saturday the 1st of May to coincide with the Microlight Trade Fair.

This will be the largest Gyro convention in the UK this year with?more than?20 Gyros expected to fly in or be on display.? Come and meet the Pilots, the Owners, the Students and the Instructors of Gyros in the UK.

During the day there will be a chance to see the latest Gyros from each manufacturer, the latest FULLY ENCLOSED?Calidus from Rotorsport UK and the FULLY ENCLOSED M24 from Magni UK.? It is hoped that both models will be flying?as well as being on static display.? There will also be the newest single seat machines and best selling open cockpit two seat machines.

At 6pm on Saturday 1st May, there will be a series of presentations in the main Gyrocopter Experience '/ British Rotorcraft Association marquee.? These presentations will let everyone know what is happening in the Gyro industry in the UK, there will be presentations from manufacturers and key members of the Gyrocopter Community.? Members of the British Rotorcraft Association and registered users on the Gyrocopter Experience website will be able to attend this event free of charge.? If space permits, others can attend for a fee, payable on the day.

This is a real chance to network with everyone in the Gyrocopter Community.? Not to be missed.

To book your free place at the convention, ensure that you are a registered user on this website and log in, the registration form is on the home page of this website for registered users.

Note: Food and drink will be available from?late afternoon?on the Saturday at the event.?Camping is available on the airfield, or bring a sleeping bag and spend the night in the marquee.?