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CalidusThe countdown to the York Gyrocopter Experience Calidus has started.? On 28th January 2010?we received some pictures of our new machine getting ready for?final inspection in?the factory in Germany.

It wont actually be shipped to the UK until near the end of February as it will remain in the factory until all the flight testing has been done on the test model, just in case there are any final adjustments to be made.

We are really looking forward to getting it now, Kati chose the colour which is Mercedes Vivian Green, the colour of a car driven by one of our students during the summer.? She was undecided about the colour until this car drove into the car park - she knew it was the colour she wanted.

This Calidus is serial number 3 which will have the registration number G-GRYN?will be used primarily for Air Experience Flights and Calidus conversion training.? It will be put to good use and, if used at the same rate as the other training machines at York, it is likely to get up to 500 hours of use in the first year.

The Gyrocopter Experience York is the only flying school in the UK with a Calidus currently on order.? The waiting list to buy a Calidus extends into the Autumn.

If you want to know more about the Calidus, or book a priority flight to be one of the first to experience a Calidus flight when it is certified for flight in the UK, then please call us on 0845 643 9476.