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MapcaseGyrocopter Pilot's LogbookNew to the Gyrocopter Experience giftshop are two essential items for every Gyrocopter student or pilot.

Firstly a Gyrocopter Pilot's logbook.? Every flight must be logged and until now the only way you could log it would be in a logbook designed for some other form of sport aviation.? For the first time in the UK there is a quality logbook specifically designed for Gyrocopters.? Much simpler than other logbooks, the only columns that exist are ones that your require, not cluttered up with night ratings or multi-engined flying.

It is about time that Gyrocopter pilots had their own logbook and now they have.? You can order it branded with the Gyrocopter Experience logo or without.? Find it in our giftshop here.

Also new to our giftshop is a mapcase specifically designed for using in open cockpit Gyrocopters.? We have always had a problem with maps when flying until we came up with this design.? Using velcro straps to attach it to your leg, you can usually fly over an hour and a half without turning the map over.? If you want to double your range - buy one for each leg!? You can order it here.