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The Flying ShowSo what happened at "The Flying Show" 2009??

For the first time we had established "Gyrocopter Avenue" where all the Gyro stands were together - it was great to showcase all the new models of Gyro.

Rotorsport proudly presented two models of their fully enclosed Calidus, one with the completely enclosed cockpit and the other with an open sided cockpit.?

Magni showcased their M24 fully enclosed side by side Gyro which is likely to compete heavily with the R22 helicopter market.? Both manufacturers also displayed their fully certified open cockpit tandem machines.

We were right in the middle of the avenue, running informal briefing sessions on how to fly a Gyrocopter using our latest simulator.? This simulator, based at York, is a full sized MT03 nacelle linked to a small bank of computers which allows the flying characteristics of a Gyro to be emulated.? It is ideal for understanding how a Gyrocopter works.

Completing Gyrocopter Avenue was "The British Rotorcraft Association" displaying Shirley Jenning's cricket.? Shirley has had some amazing adventures in this machine which can be read in her book "Short Hops".

We had our full team available over the weekend.? Put faces to names.? From the left: Phil, Kati, Nick, Peter, Wendy, Mike, Kevin, Mandy and Steve.

The Gyrocopter Experience Team

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Photos from the show.

The Calidus from Rotorsport

The Calidus

The Orion from Magni

The Orion

The British Rotorcraft Association

The British Rotorcraft Association

The Gyrocopter Experience Simulator

The Gyrocopter Experience Simulator