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SyllabusThe new syllabus for Gyro pilot training in the UK has been released by the British Rotorcraft Association ( This book contains all the flight exercises and ground school topics that are required to be learned by a student for the grant of a PPL(G).

According to the British Rotorcraft Association, this replaces the 1998 syllabus for training and takes into account the changes to gyros since the "Gyrocopter Revolution".

So why has the syllabus been changed?

The CAA has an initiative?to make the flying syllabi in the UK more specific and less open to interpretation by instructors and students.? This provides a greater degree of standardisation of training and ensures that all the essential elements are covered.

In particular, how do you assess that?a student's skill level is "good enough" for safe flying, this syllabus has expanded content that breaks down each exercise into Specific Flying Objectives.? Each Specific Flying Objective is a fully defined skill that either a student can, or cannot do.? If they can do it, and prove it on demand, then the booked is signed and dated by both the student and the instructor, if they cannot do it then more training is required. Simple!

The actual scope of the training has not signficantly changed, some redundant items were removed and some of the skills like "hover taxiing" have been explicitly included.

The new syllabus also contains details of what topics should be covered in each of the groundschool topics to prepare for the groundschool examinations.

A summary of the new syllabus has been update in this website in the training section.? More details are going to be included in the next edition of Gyrolight - the BRA magazine.? The only way to get the magazine is to become a member of the BRA - see their website for details.


All Gyrocopter Experience locations have been training from the new syllabus from July this year.