The Gyrocopter Experience
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Popham 2009 GyrosPopham 2009 was a fantastic weekend.? The weather was kind both days with blue skies most of the time.? Over 600 aircraft flew in on the Saturday with another 200 on the Sunday.? But what about the Gyros......

This year there were?a record 6 stands dedicated to Gyros:

The Gyrocopter Experience and the British Rotorcraft Association shared a large marquee and held seminars throughout both days, educating crowds on the changes to Gyros in the past few years and explaining the training requirements for new pilots.? They also few 37 trial flights over the weekend thanks to Peter Davies (Preston), Kevin Robinson (Oxford) and Phil Harwood (York).

Rotorsport were there showing off the new MTO-Sport and the sexy all enclosed Caladus Gyro.? The MTO-Sport was one of the aircraft doing the trial flights and it flies great.? The Caladus is due to ship in the UK around October this year.

Magni were present with the latest M16C which has now passed all its flight testing and due to ship very very soon.

Popham Gyros 2Gary Layzell had a 2 machines on display, an open frame and a podded AV18A kit built single seat machines.? According to many of the instructors, the AV18A is the most stable gyro flying today, certainly the most stable single seat aircraft.

Kai Maurer had a stand on the Saturday and did a few trial flights in his MT-03, promoting Gyro School in Kent. Graham Slater had his MT-03 on display, Graham is hoping to start offering training later in the year from Clench Common.

We had numerous people fly in on both days, totalling 18 Gyros in all.? It was great to see everyone, and even better to see the level of interest in what has become the fastest growing sector of sport aviation....and this event showed it off to the full.

Popham 2009 Gyros 3