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Paul and his daughtersWhat a great family moment!

Paul Harrison is a student Gyrocopter pilot training at The Gyrocopter Experience - York.? He decided that he would treat his daughters and their partners to a family Gyrocopter Experience as part of their Christmas present last year.? And what a great moment it was.

Pictured here is proud dad Paul and his daughters Rachel, Lauren and Jade.? His daughters had all flown earlier in the day with instructor Phil Harwood and they loved it.? At the end of the day Paul took to the skies on his own for a trip around Castle Howard, to the north east of York, and came back with his own Gyrocopter Grin!

?"It's great to be back in the sky" said Paul, after he had to cancel his training week earlier in the year due to work commitments, "I cant wait to complete my training and be able to fly whenever I want to - It's just fantastic".

We all look forward to Paul finishing his training - keep a lookout for him on the Gyrocopter Experience hall of fame in the near future!

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