The Gyrocopter Experience

The Gyrocopter Experience - Goolwa

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Experience the exhilaration of a trial flying lesson (TIF) in a dual controlled open cockpit gyroplane!
Following a short introduction to the machine controls and a safety briefing, take to the skies over the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula. Pilot the gyroplane, safe in the knowledge that you will be flying with an experienced gyroplane instructor, or just sit back and admire the view - it's entirely up to you.

Open Cockpit (ELA07-Scorpion)

Prices*: - 30 min $165.00+GST 60min $220.00+GST

Enclosed Cockpit (ELA10-Eclipse)

Prices*: - 30 min $185.00+GST 60min $250.00+GST

* Other options available, just call David on 04 8888 GYRO to discuss.