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1. You generally only fly at around 800ft above the ground which allows you to see all that is happening below quite clearly.?

It is safer to fly at this height in a Gyrocopter compared to most other flying.? A?helicopter generally flies at about 1200ft for safety and an aeroplane generally flies above 1500ft to 2000ft.? These?guidelines are designed around?being able to land safely in the event of an engine failure (unlikely though it is!)

2. A gyrocopter is very manoeuvrable and can turn very quickly and steeply safely.

In a winged aircraft (like an aeroplane, microlight or glider) the steeper the turn, the more dangerous it is due to inherent dangers of stalling and spinning.? Because a Gyrocopter has rotors in place of a wing, the lift is generated in a circular manner and therefore cannot stall or spin.? Also, tight turns increase the G loading, which in turn spins the rotors faster and increases their performance.? Steep turns can be great fun.

3. You can fly very slowly, or hover safey so you can watch things

Yes, Gyrocopters can hover in the air.? It is a great way to watch the world go by below you.? One of the best things is watching traffic holdups on the motorways below you, knowing that you have the freedom to travel without congestion.

4. You fly out in the open and get that "wind in you hair feeling"

Some people are scared at the thought of flying in an open cockpit.? Trust us, you dont feel much more exposed than if you were in an enclosed cockpit.? There are large windscreens in front of you which makes you fell quite sheltered but at the same time there is something quite exhilarating flying out in the open air.

5. A gyrocopter is not bumpy even in windy conditions or turbulance.? It feels stable and comfortable.

If you dont like bumpy flying experiences then then Gyrocopters are definitely the flying machines for you!? Because there are no large wings like an aeroplane there is nothing for the turbulance to hit against, the Gyrocopter rotors slice though the air.? It's just fantastic!