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Weather and Planning
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Met Office Weather
This is the offical met office site in the UK. It is very good for a quick outlook of the weather for the next few days. Easy to understand and relatively accurate.
Met Office Aviation Weather
This is part of the official metoffice website in the UK and has information displayed in a format particularly suitable for pilots. You must register on their site to see this information. A lot of what you see may not be instantly understandble, dont worry you will be taught how to interpet this during your training.
Aeronautical information service,
This site supplies supplies NOTAMs (Notices to Airman relating to temporary airspace restrictions), AICs and the UK AIP which are both definitive documents on legislation relating to flying.
This is a very useful graphical tool for plotting NOTAMS.
Current Weather Satellite Analysis
This shows the big picture of what is happening with the weather across Europe.
Animated Synoptic Forecast for Europe
This is a 5 day animated synoptic chart showing the weather patterns across Europe as used by the US Military